Thursday, 23 November 2006

Moonwalking with Hermes

To understand a detail, one must understand its contextual whole and vise-versa. Does a hazy past and an uncertain future look the same turned onto its head? Or is the time-line also circular?

Years ago David Letterman asked Michelle Shocked the reason for her voluntary ex-pat status. Her response was that the US lacked opposition politics; Michael Dukakis represented no such opposition. “I’m not even sure what that means,” replied the Late Night host; something he often expressed as a way out of his jokes gone wrong. He’s since gone from supporting Dole one year to standing behind Kerry another, and in the employ of GE in one part of his career to that of Westinghouse in another. I doubt that he understands yet today what she really meant; maybe she doesn’t either. In an earthly context, I imagine the greatest of all polar opposition to be that between Santa’s elves and the penguins.

Markus has done me the honor of inviting me to create live noise with the Kreisverband as a part of DIENSTbar’s seven year celebration. eBabY was in Eimer for number three; hard to believe. Where does the time go?

And what I’d like to know
From Edgar Alan Poe
Is just how many
Dreams within a dream
Can be?
How deep do they go?

I think I had a fiver. And if you were to ask how I could remember dreaming five deep, I’d tell you that I can’t remember that I’m not dreaming now. I’m not even sure what that means.