Sunday, 13 October 2019


time, it goes so fast
oft I underestimate
just how much has passed

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Demnächst im DIENST

Und was war EXPO 3000 noch mal?

Hover &/or click pic for an Evil Map to Sofia.

Flyer von Markus Schwill

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Loko Polo: First, afford the harm.

Here's one for der Pinkler, should I get round to it; for a city's housing policy shouldn't be seen as independent of its homelessness. The following translation is mine:
The Berliner Tenants' Association (BMV) is outraged. "The idea that the rent cap would mean the loss of the basis of business [frustration of purpose] and that tenancies could simply be terminated upon its enactment is pure nonsense under tenancy law and is obviously only intended to frighten tenants and confuse political opinion," says BMV Managing Director Reiner Wild.

A mass termination of rental relationships could only be described as a "wrong-way ride down a one-way street in terms of housing policy", which would ultimately harm the owners and landlords themselves, Wild said.

"After all, a notice of termination initially only causes vacancy, because the landlords are also subject to the rent cap in the event of re-letting".
What Mr. Wild ain't saying, but should be obvious, is that there are plenty of property owners, i.e. investors, who'd make use of frustration of purpose out of pure spite. That's one of the costs of doing business. Tell me I'm wrong.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Balls in Court

For those with balls massively tiny enough to still identify as Democrats (not the ones who play them on tv but their viewers), the question as to whether to impeach the president or not rests on being shit-scared (or not) that it'll boost his election chances. Naturally there are still people who'll parrot professional pundits they heard to back up their opinions as to the procedure of impeachment, its not-so-much "the law" aspect but nonetheless necessary remedy for problems that presidents present when they endanger good governance and the safety of their citizens. The former of those two stances is in my opinion, whether or not it represents the tinier of the two teeny testicle contingents, at least a fear based on experience. Notoriously corrupt presidents do tend to get reelected. Maybe that's part of the job description.

I say impeach the fucker, but what do I know? My experience says it probably will benefit him come November next year but my experience says a lot of shit that amounts to nothing but supposition unsupported by adequate evidence to be supposing in any way upon which one should rely. You can't really rely on things out of your hands. Politics is definitely in that category, with its intermediate steps of control over any organized effort to change the most pernicious continuities of the status quo. The latter of the above named cojones-light constituencies should be aware by now that the results of "procedure" followed by their feckless factions in the well of Congress are an Escheresque stairwell, being anyone's guess where it leads. Maybe that's why they're so keen to guess.

For me (this much you can predict), the irritating thing about impeachment is that it hasn't been used more often. I can think of decent grounds to've impeached every one who wears the White House on his resumé, and if it's true that the previous few Democratic administrations were unable to achieve their goals because Republicans ground procedure to a halt, then what fucking difference does it make if you impeach every one of their party's occupants?

So here we have Puh-lesey (small d), whose tenure as leader of the moderate bearing brigade began as a means to check the criminal in the W. White House, which she made sure did not happen. As a consequence they've brought her back to ensure the same — at least that should be one plausible theory — and for quite a while she did not disappoint. Now that she's suddenly on board with "investigations" into the possibility of impeachable-ness, one deigning to be interested in such matters should want a reliable truthful answer to the question "What has changed?"

There are a lot of plausible answers, the least plausible of which, independent of its truth, is that Don Prez has done something more provably impeachable. As always, "pressure of politics" is the most plausible part of it. That is, the butttweeter who cannot quit finally forced her hand.

But we'd be ignoring a plausible elephant if we didn't consider that this time it's personal given that the alleged prospective party front runner to ascendancy to the holy unimpeachable office was at the center of the attack upon the American brand of democracy. And if the whistleblower who would bolster Biden were to go to prison, the "centrists" who've shown selective interest at best and anyway've done nothing to protect people who expose the nastiness in their midst will act as if the end of America is finally at hand. Not that everybody isn't shouting that already. I don't think it's plausible that it'd come to that, but in brethrence to the humans of the amateur expertise of testicular misfortune, I too hafta say you gotta impeach him. Right?

I don't buy the premise of national security as it is presented, but do you really think that the jackass of The Apprentice has damaged the security of the US more than his predecessor's predecessor? Can you predict the precedent that impeaching now would set as it concerns the threshold and/or quality of offense it takes to "spur Congress into action"?

Either way, the precedent or lack thereof are net negative. The shit they get away with would be emboldened by their tossing him out, and not tossing him out is like an Ollie Ollie in come free kick in the already deflated balls.

Friday, 20 September 2019

"Deal with God."

I'd never thought about that as an imperative until just now. Probably because it (the original title) has an article in front of it and because I wasn't aware of the original title until it got placed in brackets (that's parentheses, Yankoffs) on subsequent re-issues. The whole story involves one of the rare instances in which K8 buckled to concerns of record company know-nothings when she changed it to "Running Up That Hill".

A corporate-funded algorithm hipped me to yet another cover version this morning, so I am embedding the original here. Ken Kesey once rejoined, "You can only get gold from gold, Bob."  That's my way of saying that there's only one version of the greatest pop song of all time. I have a deep association with this one — deeper still into the subject at that link — such that I involuntarily get tears in my eyes, jerked from the soul-center, no later than the second sung line every time, but am sure I'd heap that praise on it anyway. I do not believe in greatests and this is that proverbial exception. I wonder about Vicki sometimes and this one guarantees that, in a good way:

And, my god, the b-side to the single was this:

Thursday, 19 September 2019

The Dramaclergy of Marriage

Trigger warning: If you're offended by the adolescent usage of the word "gay", a word, like so many, fraught with dubious etymology, read no further. [Irony alert: as if such a trigger warning does not guarantee counter-triggering a wilful search for the promise of upset.]

I don't get it. If anybody ever knew that marriage was totally fucking gay, it would be ones who stage the centerpiece to the presentation, the wedding.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Double Crossing

Crossener & Gabriel-Max-Str. 1928 (Hover: same with K in 2019)

End of notebook notes:
This thought experiment was brought to you by someone whose job it was to run people over with the train.
Stephen Hawkwind.
Nobody's career is worth more than somebody's career.
Selling England by the Scent
Vollkommen anders aber nicht vollkommen.
Hut ab, Vandalen!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Barely Legal 9/11

As of today Nine-Eleven is old enough to die for its country but still can't legally purchase alchohol, a conspiracy so that it never forgets.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Pop's 6D!

His patronage is personal; allusions to his name remain the same. Age is indeed in the eye of the beholder; belated preemptive apologies for that. He just wants to hike with the Girl of the Earth, for which most admirably there are no apostasies; afaik no irony abounds. Also too: Dunno which generation bought more shoes but know we get what we de-serve. He deserves a hike & happy day.

Below's a 3D rendering of his 6D poem.
Hover over for his original; click pic for the link.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Great White Whale of Privilege to Define Human Trafficking

Golly Gee Willkür! Where in the New World would Chief Dummkopf get the idea that he could purchase territory from another country? Where would the Danish Prime Minister get the idea that Greenland belongs to Greenland? One could ask her to define the terms, or ask Greenland's head of state, the Queen of Denmark, what it means to be "an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark". Interrogate them separately to note precisely where their answers either diverge or seem rehearsed. Or, better, ask either of the separatist Inuit parties, one of whom couldn't seem to hold its majority after a recent blitzkrieg of snap elections. I can tell you one thing: Being an autonomous country of a kingdom doesn't mean being autonomous of that kingdom.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

It was 40 years ago in May.

Kate Bush's "Lionheart Tour" concluded on 12, 13 & 14 May in 1979 at the Hammersmith Odeon, the same venue at which I saw her in 2014.

You might think me a hypocrite for embedding this video if you know me as one of those people who gets called a jerk, or worse, merely for absolutely owning in response some other jerk who insists it is okay to profit from bootlegging. The thing is, the Manchester performance of this tour, which was clearly filmed along with the official version from a month later, has been available on Yootoob for quite some time now. The person who uploaded it put an email address over the image as a way to encourage those so inclined to purchase his high resolution dvd copy of the same bootleg.