Sunday, 1 May 2016

Further is das zweite weiter.

Second LP

BkG - Bohemian Groove (1985)

Jets Rex - 477530 2

Sunday, 24 April 2016

In Augur al Don

After a surprisingly solemn & uneventful recitation of his oath of office, the freshly minted president took the few short steps down-dais toward the gathered guests, but rather than assume the normal position for the inaugural address, he edged farther forward and stood to the left of the lectern staring straight ahead, his line of sight leveled just above the heads of the seated onlookers. Then, as if he'd forgotten, he reached over to his right and wheeled a small cart from behind the podium.

On the cart sat an old machine, about hip high. The president gingerly positioned some sort of current-collection lever onto a horizontally spinning wheel atop the device and, as the machine began to emit music, circulating the iconic tune, Proclamation from The Triumphant Savior of the Order of Animated Rodentia, he resumed his former posture, hands to his sides.

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Der Kaufmann von New York - 2016


In the original conception of the above scenario, my friend Uwe imagined that the Don would peel off his mask revealing his true identity, proving once and for all that Andy Kaufman was indeed alive and had hoaxed us as he'd never hoaxed before.

Inclined to think that one mask is never enough, my embellishment entails a removal of masks in succession: respectively, Kaufman reveals he's Ronald Reagan, Reagan reveals he's Richard Nixon, and Tricky pulls off his Nixon mask to unveil the actual victor of the contest, garnerer of 269 electoral votes, who managed to get picked by the House of Representatives with the narrowest margin allowable, a vote that had not taken place since John Quincy Adams forged ahead of Andrew Jackson in the still adolescent nineteenth century.

The new president, who'd lobbied the House to snatch the requisite twenty-six state delegations, turned out NOT to be the author of Art of the Deal, but none other than his opponent in the Electoral Math Contest of Two-Thousand and Sixteen, Hillary Rodham (from circa 1975, if you can imagine such a thing).

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ist doch geil, oder?

10l plastic watering can by Geli (sprinkle attachment not pictured)

fast geiles Zeug - 2016

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Dass Homeland in Berlin gedreht worden ist?

Dass Homeland in Berlin gedreht worden ist?

Ein Fernsehprogramm kommt noch besser in Deutschland an — ein Programm des dargestellten Realität. Dementsprechend wird das Dargestellten gern gesehen und positiver aufgenommen.

Dass das Dargestellten noch besser in Deutschland ankommt?

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Defeating Anyone

Let's look at how and why what matters most is what is missing from what is said. At its most effective, propaganda is implied all around the mass perceptual margins.

This journalist for The Guardian — let's call her, Deborah Orr — has written an opinion piece meant to reveal to the reading public one struggle of responsible editorial decision making. The subject involves an already widely published, unsettling photograph of two victims of the recent attack at the Brussels airport.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

TTIPing Points

Because of the perceivable growth of Germany's AfD of late, particularly as measured in last Sunday's elections in three German states — which had been dreaded but expected — much of the discussion I see & hear is similar to what's being written & said about the Republican Primary in the US — and particularly, in the case of the former, the voters' influence.

Sunday, 13 March 2016


I see them schlepped away. For no other reason than someone would rather they're not around. Or worse, by an otherwise indifferent someone in anticipation of someone else's incapacity for the same. I'm reminded of painting the ground "because the General's coming".

Sometimes without the meagrest means, sometimes with tenure, sometimes both, the social order's screwed get screwed, all the same. I will not offer the slightest smidge of even the most categorically confined support to someone who'd pull such strings.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Rachel's Wake

Rachel, present last night was an age summed in the thousands. It's not a slight against anyone to state the irony that you were missed much for the fact that you would have been far & away the easiest to talk to, forever the medicinal anti-angst. As was evident, the way you'd given untold the kindly engagement of your rapt interest spoke of a gift, an exaggeration of whose worth I cannot imagine possible. You must have lived each one of those thousands of years.

Besarinplatz was Baltenplatz in 1906

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Invited to two parties, decided to stay home.

is beneath a
monument of deceit.
The custodians wield impunity
so obviously, every base is more
drenched than covered. Doused and ablaze
glorified in their pants and pant-suits, it's
no wonder extras rest ready for the ripe who seek
from any source the slightest sliver of sincerity. Do
not asperse those of purity for picking no poison, even &
most especially when the liars are throwing their trump card.