Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Gun Control

When the US bombs a hospital, it's the Taliban's fault or at the Afghan coalition's behest. But a guy running amok on American students is the fault of gun laws.

The sickness that leads to the latter above is characteristically evident in the way a discussion of the former unfolds and is subsequently shaped. Never never never would the American intentionally target a hospital as a military objective. Unless they had good reason, of course. Ideological returns on what that all means may vary. At worst a mistake with vaguely criminal implications.

Entirely ignored however is the fact that the stated objective as it relates to tactical regional command and the individual action thereunder and, not least which, the governmental legislation or lack thereof that dictates an entire policy is not homogeneous.

Anybody old enough to remember the stories told by returning vets from Viet Nam can testify to the divergence in stated policy and coordinated action. In this case, soldiers often complained that they were kept in a state of stalemate. This is instructive, as the objective from highest above was not to win a conflict, but to maintain it. Why? Weapons and heroin. There were longterm goals, but it takes more than military labor to fund them.

Gee, what could Afghanistan have in common with that? The amount of money generated from weaponry in any conflict zone is significant, but it's usually only the cost to the taxpayer that's discussed in the media. And the amount of money generated by the opium trade is likewise significant, but the US would never traffic in that, would they?

The longterm strategy is a pipeline of a different kind. This funds itself as long as other resources flow. Now, you might ask, why would the US under such circumstances deliberately target a hospital? Well, for one thing, when you as a country release your dogs for any military action, you cannot count on the logic of the warrior to maintain the philosophical code of fiction that defines the killing. Add to that the general stress of war over generations (in Afpak, 14 years and counting), then you lose even a semblance of the myth of decorum.

I'd like to say I don't know why the American can be so blind to repeatedly obvious precedents regarding their intelligence service's function as project manager of perpetual war profiteering, but I am all-too aware that otherwise intelligent people get buried in the patriotic paradigm after a mere few formative years, let alone a lifetime of conditioning.

You don't have to be all-out jingoistic to represent the worldview and mindset of the nationalist. Even anti-war folks claim to be "for the troops" with little-to-no real idea what the implications of this attitude are. Homies always get the benefit of the doubt.

The war on terror is a ruse. Not that it doesn't produce plenty of terror. The most brilliant thing about Cheney's Iraq was that he in all likelihood knew that by falsely attributing "nine-eleven" to those purveyors of WMD (oh, the irony), that the ongoing action in Afghanistan (and everywhere else that would follow) would nary be questioned. Because we all just know that it was the Taliban's harboring of OBL & his Al Ciadydids that made the whole thing happen. Nothing at all to do the the perpetrators who came out of the beheading capital of the world, staunch allies on the Arabian peninsula.

Why is it that Americans continue to pick which "intelligence" they believe and which "intelligence" is manufactured? Not one person prattling on about Sunni & Shia in Iran, Iraq, and Syria has a friggin' clue about the veracity of any "intelligence". Not by the longest of shots.

I can't imagine why a nation waging war in hundreds of countries, killing by a conservative estimate two million people over a decade-and-a-half during which both allowable parties have enjoyed majorities and multiple terms would be a land where people occasionally shoot each other.

If one were to take an entirely objective and dispassionately logical view of the world as it is today, they might suggest that the best form of gun control in America would be to let the Americans shoot themselves to make the rest of the world a safer place. But, of course, the idea that Americans could exterminate themselves by running amok is as much hyperbolic pipedream as it is that they might win a war on terror. Either one would be bad for business.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

American Piehole vs. Whoever

Good evening. I am Vlad the Impaler. I know I was telling this joke last time on this pages. Still not to worry, I am not coming here for ramming spike inside American Piehole like David Cameron in head of pig at Oxford.

Anglo tradition at higher learning institution is funny to Russian elite. We are drinking vodka and fighting animal. They are drinking whiskey and having sex with animal. Boys to be boys!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Das Buddelschiffgespräch

Not being able to get my head around the idea that I'd have signed a contract the details of which I knew at the time I wouldn't remember once the ink had dried, I sought to litigate my way out of the bind on the grounds that the nature of the contract was exploitative, which whether I'd agreed to sign it or not rendered the agreement unlawful and therefore null and void.

I had considered carefully prospective arguments pertaining to me as beneficiary and could only think of one: That this had been my only way out of purgatory. Given that the term of that limbo's length was defined by it end's eventuality, it is understandable that I'd have, eventually, made that choice, but had the terms of the exit contract stated how incarnation meant for me, the ignorant incarnate, ultimately a preponderantly probable return to the former state of affairs, it is more than considerable that I'd have chosen to remain in stasis.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

In which they fail to mention that the metaphor springs from the name of a vapor that literally rains on anything directly beneath its release.

Congratulations, you have found and translated our message! We presume that this script will have been so hidden that the condition in which you found it is remnant of what we once desperately engraved in stone to preserve these words for whoever might discover them. Experts in several fields have contributed to this text in an effort to mitigate the difficulties of translation... all glory and honor to God. Just kidding ;-)

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Roedelius: immer noch nicht verklungen.

A couple of harmonious things about Haus der Kulturen der Welt are revealed in its name: It's double genitive. It's got lockers to house the crap you schlep into such places because you're gonna be there a while.

Last weekend beginning Thursday I went to all four evenings of the Hans-Joachim Roedelius part of their Lifelines series, a few expressions of my impressions of which'd threatened their loss, therefore this makes use of a flew notes from over that meantime that were updated here regularly until they were not, which is about now.

Friday, 11 September 2015

The 2nd Anniversary of Nye N´Levin's Mitzvah

The twin shocks of Nevermore 2000 to Inauguary '01 and then later that same Remember & its aftermath was not from a case of "This is what has become of us," but rather "This is what we are."

There is an extent to which a changing 0f the guard can recover this realization in denial, despite the constant reminder of who we are on every surface of our lives. But everyone knows the wakeup call is being taken by precisely the wrong people, that the guy holding the receiver, his hand over the mouthpiece, saying, "I'll get this" was already holding the receiver when they heard the phone ring and therefore must be the instigator of the call.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The summer of our incontinence

Virtually every news outlet on this continent has had the same picture of a dead Syrian child beached upon the tourist sands of would-be Europe. A local outlet poses the question, "If this doesn't get us to act, what will?" An American version remarks on the failure of Europe to have a unified policy.

It makes perfect sense that this poor kid came from where he did. War creates refugees. More war creates more.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

₫-mar-kr-€-C$-¥ has its way.

"Love? Equality? Reconstruction? Acceptance? Those are the excuses of the losers, to persuade themselves that they choose their condition and weren't beaten down into it."
—Drake, Leviathan

"Ohne Scheiß. Ich brauch ein Geigerzähler."
—this morn's crazy lady,
to no one in particular

Friday, 7 August 2015

Acrostic Gospel

Glorify the blinding glow;
Others may not make it so.

Expand your waste to verdant 'nam
A figure'd pale those commies bomb.
Spare no coast to keep your piece,
Then rake it clear, extend a lease.

Lend a boot where prophets bloom 
Inside the just desserts consume.
Torture talk, what right might make
To mask the fact the war's ground's fake.
Leave out the parts that drag the tail:
Enormous blast of wind for sale!

Break the bank where rivers run
On golden rays of rising sun...

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

In Ewigkeit

Last week, the death of Dieter Moebius was copied two days later by Don Joyce of Negativland, who copped their name from a song by Neu!, which features Moebius colleague Michael Rother. Both were 71.

These are coincidences, as is the fact that Kate had already wanted to do our show last night with distilled collections of things we know or are familiar with, like, so many slaps in One Life to Live, or Columbo going on about something his wife says or does.

The following embed has Lenny Bruce refining what it means to come, and the many "man"s in Cheech & Chong's drive-inn sketch. For good measure, included are the infamous f-words & "dude"s from the Big Lebowski on top of that piece that gave Negativland their name. Plus, Kate reads a story in Harmonia & more Cluster..