Sunday, 27 June 2021

Good evening. Is me. Vlad. The Imp. Aler. Not to worry. I am not here for mounting backside of freedom firmly onto tail end of summit. I am only here for talking about news.
Sure, you are not getting your news from some Poo Tin Dick Tater. Hey! My guys are telling me to say this! Is joke on me? My guys are the crazy pranksters!

So summit is over. What was Biden said? Moment. Let me find quote directly of Joe Biden, so is not being read in funny Putinglish. Bidenglish is better. Okay, here he goes: "How would it be if the United States were viewed by the rest of the world as interfering with the elections directly of other countries, and everybody knew it?"

Here is pause for laugh track. Curb your incredibility. Not much traction in news with this rhetorical royale with cheese. But when people are talking about it, sometimes they are saying too funny things to believe.
Different theories say unusual position of "directly" is indication of something or nothing or everything. Part-time Biden critic says is case he was forgetting important modifier of verb during speaking until awkward position in sentence, and so is maybe to criticize at worst dopey man slip up that can be drawing too much attention to important distinction. Directly? Indirectly?

To review: Indirectly is when spies are helping opposition to overthrow other government before during or after election. Directly is making fake news and hacking computer in election season. When is not election season? Not to be implying admission of being guilty of implication from Biden speech. Just saying different strokes. My guy is amoral Russian robot killer worthy of Bond movie. His guy is being outsourced by chain of channels with bipolar disorder. Such nuance! Buy lithium.
Alex Jones guy is arguing with himself over if "elections directly" is code for "erections correctly" — and so to be giving US democracy right proper Joe era cucking — or segment of sentence "directly of other countries" is sounding like "electing the other countries" in deep state elite globalist sex majick spell to give transparent robot monkeys control of end game.  As this Info Warrior is always saying: "It's all coming out!" Coming out of butthole, Alex. Buy toilet paper.
I say is nothing. Except is clear confidence that American President can have comfortable distance from deep state putsch details. You could put him onto hypnotising torture couch like in popular American cold war movie and most you gonna get is electro Reagan like, "Uhhhhh.... does not compute." Come on, man!
All what is important is not what the people are thinking but what they are not thinking. So for example is not important they are believing one thing, like official narrative. And so they can be thinking many different things. The more, so better.
Bidenary thinking is also perfectly fine, because plan is never "We must have people believing in A, so then they are not believing in B." Plan is people believing in A or B, and/or maybe C and D and E. Then no one can be believing in something no one ever will talk about. Population in permanent state of "kind of believing" in this one thing or the other.
Me? Sometimes even Uncle V don't know what to believe. Is Dossier by Danielle Steel keeper of P tape? Ha! I want to believe! This not the same as believing. The alphabet is having no letter for this. Not even X.

With twelve years old, my judo friend was telling me of Roswell Incident. I go home and ask father. There is no Wikipedia in these times. Father is then only one telling me important detail no one is saying even until today. Long story short: American horror story beginning to end. End of story.

Longer story: In July 1947, US Air Force was making press release of having flying disc, newspapers are reporting this, then Air Force quickly is saying, no, is only weather balloon and showing picture of this.
Already at beginning of story is the American getting possibility for market segmentation of audience for story. First, own population believing many different things. The beauty of this is, as I am saying before, is thing itself. Having people believing this many things: We are having aliens! Is not aliens! Is weather balloon, dummy! Is not weather balloon, you the dummy! Weather balloon is only cover story for spying machines. Spying technology is only cover story for aliens. I don't know what to believe!
One must understand origin to know deep level of self spinning shit to every story. If American say we have flying disc and then say, no, no flying disc, Soviet Union is to think Americans hiding some super scary power. Some Russian say from US military research. Some say from Nazi scientist of Project Paper Clip. Some say aliens. Some say everything in between to include Most Favoured Nation trade deal with aliens allowed to carry out prostate examination on human. Some say truth is out there.
Except what father was telling me, nobody is saying,  "Hey, Americans are making up whole fucking cloth since day one!"  What father was also knowing is crazy story is okay for Soviet leader also. Or leader of whatever.
That some people are thinking Americans are hiding UFO reality? Good. That some believe this is crazy? Good. That some believe probably the American have some secret airplane more secret than almost secret airplane? Good. That some are scared, oh no, the communist have spooky drone hologram-bomb spy plane with transparent monkey robot at joystick having string pulled by key grip from both ET movie and Boy in Plastic Bubble tv special? Why not!
And now with release of report from Pentagon is something for each one of this people. "You see!" is what they are saying. "Nothing new!" "Yeah, they are still hiding aliens!" "They are still hiding anti-gravity machine that was being reverse engineered from spinning saucer!" "No, all you crazies! We must be afraid of Chinese and Russian. Is most likely!"
Only thing spinning is American teller of story. One interesting idea I am not hearing is that Navy pilot and Pentagon are having consciousness trolled by basement of Russian holobots in supervillain plan to destroy US togetherness. Is still time. For both story and plan. Muahhhahahahaha!