Monday, 13 September 2004

Over There

I´m back after a long trip to the American Midwest and South, visits to family and friends, which included a wedding and three gigs, if you count the wedding rehearsal dinner, which included dinner and no rehearsal. I flew Iberia Air back to Berlin via Madrid on the 11th, and why not!?

One of the most popular questions I received: So what's it like over there? I say: Come on over.

I don't have any dates since I'll be traveling on other business in October, and don't foresee any until late Autumn. In the meantime I'll be practicing with my new/old pedal which I brought back with me at Barry's near insistence. It was a joy to play with him again, but, alas, we've business on separate continents. Here's to good friends, and a unified and peaceful world.