Saturday, 18 December 2004


What do you think? Better a title line, since the date is already posted with the entry?

I relayed a story recently. It had to do with my having had a taxi open his door directly in front of me as I was riding my bicycle, and how the negative thoughts I was having about automobiles just previous to that moment could have contributed to this bad "luck".

Today, I was happy to be flowing freely along Potsdamer Platz, glad not to be in a car, or one of the shoppers, though not actively thinking so. Okay, maybe a little, but happily. As I was approaching an intersection, I became aware of a cabdriver, and what I percieved to be him considering a right turn that would've cut me off. He didn't. At the next intersection however.....

But he couldn't just turn. He had to get into my path (a path made specifically for bicyclists), hesitate, probably to wait to see if I was going to speed around him in spite of his right-of-way-stealing move. Then he edged forward, oh-so hesitantly before he finally just drove away. I wanted to slam into his taxi. I applied my brakes however, and it took some doing not to skid into him anyway. It made me angry. A pedestrian, who was revealed by the car's disappearance, saw the look on my face. I wondered what he thought.

As I resumed my ride, I wondered what my "high road" could've been, while still managing to make the driver aware of the danger of his ways.