Thursday, 13 October 2005


If Jo had a patent on all of his original ideas, he could own Kreuzberg.

It was nice to've finally played for a virtual(ly) international public. And they were so quiet. As is traditionally the case, silence, whether reverent or oblivious, leads to a certain kind of growth. This can sometimes mean paranoia. This time around, however, I believe anything of that kind was digested by an unwitting and imperceptible fortitude. I mean this rather as commentary on the listener. Okay, we were in fact two of these ourselves, thanks again to Jo for a nicely improvised monitoring system.

Topics discussed (before and after): The differences between the art of work and the work of art; motivation dependent upon perspective, and their effects upon one another as they relate to work; pros and cons of patent technology; the difference between coffee the Polish way, and the Turkish way; how the most fundamental theory of economics is confirmed by the existence of plagiarism and copyright infringement; how the Finnish send sixty per cent of their youth on to higher education, and make the most secure locks; Stanislaw Lem; how thinking that you found something might make it easier to find it later.