Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Intention Span

"Life is what we are given, living is what we do with it, and then we die."
- Robert Fripp

I recently read this quote in the liner notes to A Blessing of Tears. I find this and the subsequent text therein quite stirring in its assertion of a need to honour those around us with our living; not least of which, because I most probably wouldn't have read it were it not for Gock Russ Thom Joe's musical influence upon me, let alone would I be engaging in the practice to which you are now a witness, pretention and all.

I'd like to think that this fact alone is an indication of honour, but worry that my decision to live so far away has led somehow to dishonour, which has never been my intention. I wish that those days of Gock 'n' Roll in the Rec Room could've gone on forever, but it was not to be. The best days of our lives indeed.

I am reminded of Moments of Pleasure, which prompts me to mention that I've bought a single for the first time ever. It's Kate's King of the Mountain with a cover of Sexual Healing as a b-side. I'm happy with my decision, to say the least, and am giddy with anticipation of buying Aerial on its release date. The last time I did that (release date purchase) was when The Red Shoes came out in '93.

I just can't help expressing my own more morbid b-side:

Life is a disease unto which we are born, living is the process of succumbing to it, and death is the end of our ability to deny that process.

Living is dying of a disease called life.