Saturday, 18 March 2006

Sun Goes Up, Sun Goes Down:
Spinning Wheels

I woke up about an hour ago and wrote the following text:

We are darkness and light, and the light being corrupted by the darkness in this one instance where it’s most vulnerable: Creation. The source of energy at the moment of creation is important to the ongoing lives of both darkness and light. Light possesses more of the source, but has only so much life in it, before it collapses into darkness. But at the point of creation, darkness is extremely volatile, and bursts into seemingly indefatigable sources of dispersed energy that live incredibly long lives.

The way for consciousness to deal with this cycle of struggle and birth, and battle and death, is to try to tune into its patterns, at a different wavelength, of a different kind of a wave. Making these transitions absent of thought is the ultimate goal if one wants to end the struggle. It is balance. It has nothing to do with time. Time is a distraction. The idea that time doesn’t exist is a diversion. Time exists, but confuses. Observing balance releases one from any need to dwell in time. All that is observed outside of balance is disturbed to swelling and shrinking degrees of intensity. Time doesn’t cause this, only the dwelling on or in time does. Once balance is achieved, there's no use in mortality.

A body is in motion regardless of its consciousness level. If we focus on mortality, struggle, and destruction, then all we can expect to experience is fleeting moments of pleasure or calm. If we focus on the immortality of renewal, which comes only, however unfortunate it would seem, with an observance of otherworldly rules and regulations, then the promise is eternally peaceful.

Yeah, whatever…
Happy Anniversary, Halliburton! I think I’ll go down to the quarter, where some pretty good folks will be gathered to see if maybe the Angela might consider certain crimes against humanity a little bit more seriously than just a "disagreement amongst friends". You betta be der!