Saturday, 2 February 2008

Schlagfertig und Fertig

And you might ask yourself: Why wouldn't this come up in a debate, like when the Senators were playing catch with Wal-Mart and Rezko?

They ran out of time? One Senator didn't have all the ammo or was too full of hope to go that low- or afraid? Maybe that kind of back and forth could go on forever, like a bidding war to see who runs out of dirt first.

People've talked about "the plant" in the audience earlier in this campaign, but forget the famous "Can we stop the mud" guy who made GHWB just about choke on his bisected tongue. So nobody really wants to resort to gotchas, but it must be sooo damn tempting, especially right after you've just been had.

I can only imagine the bolts of lighting the Senators have in those deep pockets, and but for lightning rods, they would dare (but wouldn't be there) to throw them.