Thursday, 28 February 2008


It can be daringly disturbing
this question of association
while twisting and swinging
and waltzing along in unison
somehow always by oneself

Born out of dust, particles and stars
there's constant calling
for letting and falling in,
then musing facing forward,
thought of not

The strand of rescued remnants
dwell within the drama
and dream of waking to sunlight
more blinding,
tethered, perhaps binding
but never all too attached

Bred from a trembling summit,
drowned and unbound
the release hesitates so long
as never ceasing takes to sing

Division wringing bits
devices of fence and want
an ocean of motion flowing outward
looking inside the eyes that stitch it all together

A reverence rise and fall
goes downward to just that point
where the light spots without capture
get a glimpse get a glimpse
heartrendingly attending this concern

The birth of wonder
that nothing is known,
the ills and the cures subsist and disown,
affect channels affection leaving early
always beginning on the way