Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Twain Shall Meet

The convergence of mind with like-experienced otherness and the leaving of the conscious for the sake of awareness serve respectively as bringer of daybreak, and harbinger of the nocturnal.

Many-wrinkled Maturity
a youthful dash; the formation of furrowed stern stripes, those contours of concern; lines of laughter the limit of love; a groove of confidence;

scores of scratches on the edge of profanity, details of the depth of doubt; dark marks from rhinal depression, a line of thoughtful contemplation, a demarcation;

a profile of poverty underlines paths of prosperity, as do cracks of deception, fissures of folly; bands, blocks, figures for delineation; streets of uncertainty and roads of succession, golden lanes with a gray streak;

ridges of regard, rules of rigor, strokes of genius; battle boundaries by a division of days marked in series and sequence;

tiers of track for trains’ trajectory of thought, a route of seams, a thread to forward; strands of string in the deepest echelon on file;

an arrayed axis with the course direction listed; group orders, cataloged and queued rows, ways and drains;

columns of seniority, lengths of long labor lost, geriatric geography; scars and tear trails along the trenches of time;

all of these, just border to the next channel, silhouette outlines of profundity, re releases of creases tracing progression; frontiers unfolding, followed forever...

Cherokee Woman 1929 Platinum Print

by Justin Hayward