Friday, 5 December 2008

On the planet Anhedonia lives but one version of the universe. Like countless other developments, the polarity there facilitates observation. The puzzle at this stage in its evolution is to take notice again of that with which observation is being contrasted. Here, it's been said, is infinitely and infinitesimally more interesting occurrence. It's also claimed that this cannot be directly perceived, at least not by the Anhedonians.

Thence springs theoretical experimentation.

"Perhaps - if we could bisect the imagination and bring into being bilaterally evident image and nation, apart from one another, yet wholly identifiable and discernible- "

We are interrupted by a indescribable detraction, another voice nonetheless.

"I'm inner articulation, I can say whatever I want, and you can't control me."

"You mean to say that I'm not able." They always say that. But it hasn't stopped our progress.

"Where has it got you? Becoming a simulator, when you are yourself a simulation, is an insignificant attempt at becoming master of your domain, which you are not and can never be."

"If that is so, then we've already achieved something quite significant indeed. Knowledge of limitations at least lends us a form through which to view our existence."

The distraction, seizing upon this compensation: "You'll be overrun by the creationist philosophy that will make your obedience all the more painful. Why not just surrender and accept reality on my terms? You'll never get yours, and I know you don't want theirs."

Some Other Place
by Alan Parsons & Eric Woolfson
and performed by Frantziana