Friday, 12 December 2008

A Snowball's Chance in Hell

Those at the summit gather up all they can so that, by virtue of ownership, they'll increasingly call the shots. Here it's underscored that when the top thrive, prosperity trickles down to the masses.

Those in the middle control what's left of the debate on behalf of themselves and the "little guy" - indeed, they often identify themselves as such, what with their being quite far removed from this mountain's peak. They consume more than anyone else; they also waste more along the way. A lot of them wanna get closer to the top because they feel insecure; these believe that a financial balancing act equates to hard work; they produce less, but waste even more. The aggregate middle also believe that prosperity trickles down, so long as they're in control of it.

The bottom have much less access to the benefits of privilege, and therefore aren't privy to the wisdom of the top two tiers. They would love nothing more than to climb out of their tire-tracked slushy dirt, and believe that magic can get them there. Unlike their middle brethren, however, they don't need to be reminded that shit rolls downhill.