Sunday, 5 April 2009

Late Sunday Edition

First this from Reuters because despite its relevance (uttered by the world's new herO today, germane to the stories covered ad nauseam otherwise) it has been lost below the fold.

The article states that "Obama's administration had been cool on a deal reached by his predecessor" refering to a plan to plant "missle defense" in the Czech Republic and Poland despite overwhelming local opposition. It would seem that this administration is now "cool with" that deal.

Interesting that North Korea would provide propagandistic cover for the statement, in that Seoul already has extensive advanced defense systems of the sort and it hasn't deterred the North, nor is it easing the fears and saber rattling. Welcome to O'Reagan's peace thru strength?

In bold are actual headlines *from the BBC homepage. *Everything else is from yours truly, with contributions from brother Gock.
*except where noted

UPDATE: Murder of 5 Children,
Apparently By Father,
Rocks Washington Trailer Park

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-featuring on the main stage:
Murder of 5 Children, Apparently By Father
tickets available at trailer park office

Judge Rejects Michael Vick's Bankruptcy Plan
Vick: "I have a plan."
Judge: "If you don't quiet those animals, I'll have them removed."

Porn is for keeping your mind off sex, says Clive James
Clive James: "I was trying to take my mind off sex!"

Jackson fails to overturn auction
Jackson: "Not in the temple of the Lord! Nnnnh! It's too heavy."

Russia to unveil spaceship plans
"This is where we're going to put the door."

Egypt 'wife swap' couple jailed
Couple: "We were hoping they'd jail us with other couples."

Darling 'was wrong' on recession
Dirty Brat 'knew all along'

Police begin New York siege probe
Probee: "It hurt really bad!"

Top Chechen 'behind Gulf murder'
Chechen: "I don't think I'll ever be 'behind Gulf murder'.

Star Madonna flies out of Malawi
Malawi: " I was pretty surprised myself, but I feel a lot better now."

Gene defect clue to male pill
"If we can just isolate the defect, we think we can insure sterility."

Cambodia leader talks down clash
Leader: "It wasn't as much fun as it sounds."

Macedonia votes for new president
Judges: "He was clearly the best dancer."

Tsvangirai grandson dies in pool
of poo

Pakistan mosque blast 'kills 20'
feat. DJ afterparty

Obama promotes nuclear-free world
Nuclear-free world heads for the hills

Dane in cartoon row emerges from shadows
Real Dane still in hiding

Karzai to scrap Afghan 'rape' law
"In the future it won't be mandatory."

What do we think of Thatcher now?
Rather stiff iron lady.

Mecca mosques 'wrongly aligned'
-from Gock:
Islamic leaders fear uneven tread wear

headline from Gock:
Suicidal thoughts, high blood pressure associated with insomnia
Insomnia: "I never seen 'em in my life!"

both headline and comment from Gock:
President Obama arrives in Turkey
Obama: "Here's your 'pardon'"