Thursday, 30 April 2009

Specter: Boo!

A thousand different words to a thousand different people.

In an Image Nation anything is possible but some things are much more likely. For example, the loyal citizens of an Image Nation are capable of undergoing massive change for the sake of improving their lives and those of their world compatriots; however, they are far more prone to limiting themselves to the changes necessary for the immediate survival of the image.

I come from an Image Nation and can admit to fitting this pattern personally and accept sole culpability for my own behavior. That said, it wouldn't be my diary unless it gave off the stench of an ailing whine, so additional examples of that which is likely to be, or occur, in an Image Nation follow:

-Labels trump content: The letter in parentheses after a politician's title is more important than his voting record. Likewise, the statement he makes for the beginning of the next news cycle should be taken more seriously than water under any bridges.

-Socialism = Malevolence: Those receiving the highest quality health care free-of-charge at taxpayers' expense have earned every right to elucidate for those a few tiers down the inefficacy and vast expense of single payer health coverage or, respectively, the evils of socialized medicine.

-Expediency is preferable to a great big hassle: Commissions trump justice and, when necessary, should serve as the same. We don't torture. We also don't assassinate our presidents. In cases where lawmakers become lawbreakers, every possible avenue should be exhausted before actual legal action is taken.

-Okay, okay! We don't torture anymore: That dark chapter in our history was isolated and is over. We also stopped operating secret prisons. You care to provide evidence to the contrary?

-Morale equals unity: The intelligence gathering service has to retain its torturers, if said service is to maintain its "robust" nature. They were just following orders, after all. It's not like they enjoyed it.

-Money is acumen: Large banks should not be held to the same standard as small businesses and individuals when "borrowing" money. You can be angry at the financiers' lack of integrity, but should not question their intelligence.

-Size matters: The more assets one has, the more responsibility he is burdened with. To relieve this burden would result in the unthinkable catastrophe for every man, woman, and child in the world.

-Image is everything: More importantly, what we think our image is matters more than what it actually is.