Friday, 31 July 2009

Ein Lehrreicher Moment

"Jeezus, photo ops don't get any more pathetic than this!"

"Just keep reachin' for the snacks like I am, Joe."

"And the two of us with our shirt sleeves rolled up- we look like fuckin' idiots! And do both of you hafta look so goddamn somber!? Say somethin', one o' ya, fer chrissakes!"

"Alls I know is - is that I'm not apologizin'."

"Well I sure as hell ain't!"

"That's not what I meant!! This is all your fault!"

"Settle down. Nobody has to, uh, apologize. Not even me. Grab some nuts, Joe, and take, uh, a drink... easy, not too much!"

"I thought yous people preferred malt liquor."

"What're y' gonna do, arrest me, pig!?

"I do believe he just trumped my 'clean and articulate' comment, Mister President. And good comeback with the 'pig' jingo. Classic!"

Stupidly does as stupidly says.