Sunday, 31 January 2010

But Barry, they're GOPs!

Master of the big box-office weekend, James Cameron is onto something: We are the aliens.

In not seeing that reality, we are also missing the most basic truths which lie within all of us. Not that any perception is false from the "Yes, and..." perspective, but every perception is utterly false within the "Yes, but.." paradigm.

The emperor has in word and in deed no clothes, but his supporters and detractors are likewise naked and virtually none of us can find our socks. We can only believe to be wearing them.

If you consider yourself clothed, you are doing nothing more than defining your own reality for you and everyone who is of the mind to share it.

Why Republicans would allow Bo Rama to take batting practice in their stadium with cameras rolling is beyond me. But on some level I have to believe, that on some level a purpose was served.

The guy basically goes in and schools the Rightroguerades at their "issues conference" with the argument that in spite of his having given them much of what they as a party had traditionally wanted at one time or another on just about all of these issues, their camp nevertheless had labeled damn near all of his proposals "extreme".

He even characterized their characterization of his healthcare reform, saying one might have been led to believe it was a "Bolshevik plot".

He faced the ostensible political enemy with strength and courage and was charming and intelligent for sure, all the while exposing the idealogical dishonesty of the GOP.

Yet despite this apparently effective smackdown of the opposition, it all looked civil and reassuring. If you hadn't followed any of the topics discussed, or were of the mind to hear the Rama's robe, it would have sounded likewise.

But the food on the plate tasted funny, not least of which because of the prayer breakfast-like garnishing that kept getting stuck in my teeth.

It's easy to see why the White House won't be recommending the same kind of television with his "colleagues" on the left.

So at the end of the day, the Ramaniacs will goo about how Bo Rama again proved his superiority sparring on his feet without a net and hitting them out of the stratosphere. Only they'll be able to mix and match the metaphors better.

What's missing here is the very real fact that for anyone with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, this was an exposé of everyone in the room, not just the party hosting the event. The entire debate was based on a false premise and carried out in a manner which was anything but House Republicans "chomping at the bit" - as at least one journalist claims it to have been.

The very idea that things are not getting done in Washington because one party is obstructing the other is so absurd, it is difficult to lay that argument bare without sounding like a nut.

I will attempt to summarize is thusly: The Democratic Party is made up of Blue Dog Chickenhawks on one side, Social-Liberals on the other, and chicken shits in between.

Even when they had 60 seats in the Senate, they didn't have enough votes to pass what the people thought they wanted, nor what the people thought they were willing to accept, nor what the self-proclaimed most real of realist Democrat was willing to accept.

For the record, the president falls into that last category, sort of. The only reason he and his political allies are not Republicans is that the Republicans won't have them. Sure they'll support every bomb, but they'll criticize the manner in which it was dropped.

So even the progressive criticism that the president is giving the Republicans too much out of political inexperience and naiveté is itself naive. He is doing what he was put into office to do, as does every president. He is serving a different reality and it is not a reality that one could honestly label republican or democrat, lower or upper case.

As a matter of style, on the other hand, the Party of Lincoln could take a lesson from this: Bo Rama often begins his responses with the instructive "Look." Contrast that with former VP Quayle's brilliant "Look it."

Where's the shield?