Thursday, 21 January 2010

Presto Chango!

If this guy were anywhere near as intelligent as his cum slurpers claim, he'd be feeling a bit like Jay Leno right now. Then again, feeling like Leno cannot be something an intelligent person would do. So by way of Joseph Heller's double-bind study of bureaucracy, I must come to the conclusion that he ain't the smartest person in the room.

In honor of Johnny Carson's would've-been successor two decades hence at the network which is still bringing good things to death in sooo many different ways, I present in advance the top ten summary-spin slogans of the upcoming State O' The Union address:

10) Someone has to say 'enough is enough' enough.
9) I double dare you to vote for someone else-- no, wait!
8) This time I really really reeeally mean it.
7) I think he really means it this time.
6) And here yet another teachable moment.
5) Did you see what the Supreme Court just did?
4) How does Sarah Palin factor into all of this?
3) Boy, he's sure gonna go after those fat cats now!
2) He's so... uh... thoughtful!
1) NeoPop