Sunday, 21 March 2010

It's the Hybrid, Honey:
more forced allegory

Yo mama can't even go for a stroll past the Wal*Mart without getting attacked by a swarm o' ne'er-do-wells!

Whether you're talking about a Toyota that just won't quit, alleged attempts at bipartisanship (loyal partisanship?), or overzealous interspecies integration, the hybrid experiment seems to be potentially toxic.

But at least in the case of the Toyota, it's only the profit motive that would appear to have corrupted an otherwise successful technological achievement. Conversely, mixing and matching the gene pool with an eye to getting a leg up on the competition reveals a contagion that can't be contained.

Once a new breed begins to predominate, everything else is easily classified as yesterday's lot - and the greater the control, the more narrowly definable anything not within that control. The day is at hand when those opposed to Monsanto's methods are classified as flat-earthers, to take one example. Likewise, anyone against the current stealthcare deform is put down as a subspecies of the tea-partier.

Politically speaking, the new breed displays the same rabid approach as the opposing party of inbreds who've justified their criminal intent with the warning, "Some people just seem to forget what it was like on 9/11." They cry, "Clearly you've forgotten what the last eight years were like."

Hence any member of the hive still clinging to a promise that the queen made is retrograde now that it's clear that the drones are mutating seven ways to Sunday (today, praise Jesus).

The transformation is astounding to witness. And the larger the number the bumblers who give up the ghost of an oath, the more marginal those who stand their ground will seem. I mean, what's crazier than Kucinich, who went from royal resistor to empress' angel overnight?

But you would think that previously failed Tinkertoy Superbreeding (TM) would at least give us pause regarding what we do with our food supply. If our vegetables could deliver a message with the intense immediacy of the killer bee-sting, would we listen or just chew and swallow?