Sunday, 11 April 2010

Late Funday Edition

An interesting difference in headlines this Sunday. While most outlets have gone with the 'willing' part of the Vatican's statement on "Benedict's" willingness to meet with sexual abuse victims (might I add 'ready' and 'able'?) - the BBC has culled 'available' from the See's statement.

Alls I'm sayin' is they better be ready for the 'meat'... er, 'meet' part.

The only other headline(s) I got for you this week enables us to take a stroll down Sesame Street:

Which one of these
kids is not
like the other
Which one of these
dudes just doesn't belong?

Which one of these
dids is doin' his own thing?
Can you tell me 'for this song is done?
And now this song is done. ♪ ♪

Did you guess the young man on the left?
That's right, he's the President!