Thursday, 1 July 2010


A pair of accidents listed in the paper this morning caught my attention:

Two bicyclists were riding side by side in an on-the-street variety bike lane when they collided "for unknown reasons". One rider (56) tumbled into the street where he was run over and killed by a great big truck whose driver just kept on going.

The second accident involved a motorcyclist (25) hitting and killing a female pedestrian (73) after having been struck and flung onto the sidewalk by a car whose driver (53) had overlooked him when making a turn.

I always take note of collisions entangling cyclists or pedestrians, but these two mishaps - both on Tuesday and within earshot of home - include a kind of witless witness/accomplice. Though it's not quite clear who enabled whom, especially in the first case.

Except for the two fatalities, no one suffered even minor injuries, unless you consider the cyclist in the first instance, the press account of which ends in the same three words that so many others like it do: erlitt einen Schock (sustained a shock).

I have to wonder what led to the setup collision with the hapless, soon-to-be deceased.

If it had been a 73-year-old woman out for a hit & run who'd mowed him down, and a truck that the motorcyclist had been thrown into?

You can never be too careful. Look out for the freak before the accident, cuz he don't give a shit about you.

And don't be letting your freak-flag fly when there's somebody else who might end up paying for it.