Monday 30 August 2010

Aus dem Postsack!

In all the time I've been writing this diary, I had never received more than one e-mail in response to one entry. Until today.

Some political strategists suggest that for each e-mail one receives, there are a certain number of people who have been exposed to your message (or whatever) who didn't bother to respond. At least that's how they extrapolate how many people represent a particular viewpoint.

Since I can't recall the representative factor from their formula, and I'm not one of those Site Meter freaks, I can't calculate just how many people will read this, but I can tell you that regarding my diary entry from yesterday a grand total of two people have bothered to reply with helpful comments via e-mail.

E-mail number one from *sht4brns@yeehah.cum:
Hey Davidly could not you have said you dont (sic) know how to write.
Hey Shit for Brains: Great point, but is that a question?

E-mail number two from
david, simpering will get you nowhere in this life. stop being a crybaby!
Okay, Leave the Dry Heaving to Me. You also make a considerable suggestion. My guess, however, is that you meant to say "whimpering". And my name is davidly you turd.

But I do get it. And the mask, as of this evening, is back on.

I really don't prefer theatrical production as a modus operandi for day to day living; such behavior often backfires and has led to the diva overpopulation. But the only way I have found to be strong enough for what I need to live - not to mention what everyone else needs to tolerate me - is to embrace the mask on the mask that I have to don just to leave the fucking house.

All the world's a goddamn stage!

* The given pseudonyms have been resurfaced to suit my opinion of those hiding behind them.