Sunday 31 October 2010

Better to've Never

Possessions can be hard to part with, even - and often especially -, when the separation itself is the object of desire. And after the parting has long since extended the expanse of space and time, it remains just this side of memory.

With patterns of thought lost like junk in a forgotten stash, certain sensory perception triggers an automotive return to that way of thinking, a reminder that only you can be owned.

But it's possible to come to recognize and relinquish these remnants. It is possible to exorcise the demon your possessor has left behind. The key is to relish the repudiation.

For no amount of shame or revulsion will set you free, and bitterness will only breed more discontent, extending the lease on your peace of mind.

There is no joy greater than knowing you will never suffer at the hands of your possessor again, not having to endure the unpleasantness of something that disgusts you by simply remembering it. You have not known true love until you've loved the absence of that which you hate.