Saturday, 3 September 2011

Memo Rex

- For readers of German, Robert Lorenz has written a poignant tribute to Christian Borchert.

- Jeff Wells has blooged again. I'm reticent about recommending this piece because it reveals something about myself I'd rather not admit: my brain has transmogrified along with the new power generation; he includes too many links!

The post is interesting for its take-down of transhumanist-progressive liberalism and reminds me that I have a draft of my own thoughts on the false dichotomy created in the evolution vs. creation debate (no others need apply).

But for those interested in the meaningless absurdity that is a-merkin polo-ticks, I display this pertinent paragraph:
And don't think the Sadean few for whom the system works aren't loving the masochistic spectacle of good Democratic foot soldiers debasing themselves as New Deal Sonderkommando, immolating their Social Security on finance capitalism's pyre of a trillion dead presidents before freshening up with a whore's bath of Enjoy President Bachmann ooga booga. (Somehow, moving the goal posts never interfere with their end zone dance.) Maybe, when you're given the choice of Satan, or Satan's Little Helper, it's past time to crash the parties.