Sunday, 9 October 2011

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"He's no rocket scientist." is a great way of expressin' that somebody's not bein' one of the "best & brightest" means they're stupid.
In the first part of the Cosmic Conspiracy (just the other day in theeshier pages), it all began with one of those fancy linkin'blogs over't a place called Halcyon Days, to what that author has since imp-scribed as one o' [Rob's] rants*.

I was inspired to add "Also spricht Alfred Nobel" to the title on account of there being some implication therein regarding the way compartmentalized science has become a dogma that one dare not tread upon, in word or deed. The proclamation inherent to my subtitle was to lend renewed irony to the prize which carries the Nobel name and the inseparable connotation of the named's greatest contribution to science: By "greatest", of course, I mean biggest ka'splosions.

Afternoon Delight
All this, I felt, would tie in nicely with my own paro-noi-dy explication of that which makes the world go round: In this case, the ka'splosion kartel & her sisters in konspiracy.

Nation-states world history over abound with tales of larceny and racketeering. As a matter of fact, the portmanteau "profitiers" is a perfect descriptor for the form that state-organized crime has taken since we have begun organizing states. It matters not, the opposition of convenient self-descriptors & disparaging equivalents of the States & opposing States.

Anyone who has ever witnessed the likes of the emergence of Walgreens - which, with the sheer availability of the corporate hold-out dough, is able to close down every mom & pop competitor that had ever graced a neighborhood community, resembling the infiltration of the pod people in The Body Snatchers - knows the irony of the capitalist coloring communism "anti-competitive".

Correspondingly, if one follows the stories of Anna Politkovskaya and what they ultimately meant regarding her punctuality for dinner, then one is creepily aware that the Kremlin is not only the corner shopkeeper, but also your elevator man.

And back on the other other hand, the equivalent tales of Gary Webb might inform us that this isn't merely a case of hard-line tactics of The One's versus the opium of the faux free market, but that sometimes even in a free society, the dead do no journalizing. (Ironically or not, the former afore-linked case has more legs.)

So it is, here, that I aim to continue.

Each of the governments of the nation-states has its shielding shells, protective layer upon layer, built tier upon tier (or as the free profitiers are quick & proud to detail: profit upon profit, without which could not've been built), usually with its own funding organ, sometimes called a central bank, which is really just a collection agency which feeds the protection racket nobody realized they'd asked for until something's burned to the ground.

And the governments each have departments for espionage, counterespionage, war (terrorism), defense (counter-terrorism), diplomacy (counter-counter-terrorism), business (chamber of commerce terrorism) and so on.

Whether they're calling themselves socialists or capitalists, business is business. And to understand this, it really helps to look at the mafia model. That's just business too.

As we know from those mob stories, there are competing families (businesses) with overlapping interests (sources of income). Corleone & Tattaglia are to Kennedy & Bush, what Great Britain & the US are to the Roman Empire & the Church of Rome: an owner's manual from the would-be perspective of the owned.

And each family has its own bodyguards, secret security detail, spies, and so on.

Political parties are no different. They just add more tiers, erect more complicated structures upon the already fiery firmament of a polity. Regarding them United States, it'd be tempting for me to draw as cursorily sloppy an analogy here as I did a few sentences ago, and, indeed, political dynasties infiltrate parties as much as they are loyal to them. But there are simply too many competing & overlapping interests, so many tiers (even in a two-party system like in the US), that parallels seem illogically analogous: the closer one looks, the more figures one finds on the board.

Any politician worth his or her weight in whiskey had better have their own protection.

Watch this, it's not what you think:
Might this surprise the many who haven't seen it? Generations of the jaded repeat X's roosting-quote, short the proclivity to spew forth an hour-long rant worthy of Alex Jones.

Otherwise more, "yeah, but"-ism than you can shake a tube o' lube at. I, too, am weary & wary of bullshit, but...

One thing for sure: Jackcelot took one for the team. We'll never know whose team it was, or which team he was on to begin with (or to end with). Re-revisionism reigns supreme and HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY EVERYONE. I don't suppose the winners would have it any other way.

Mob rules
You think for a moment that Bo Rama ain't got some Chicago half-bro law school or wallstreetball flunky watchin' his back? That is, looking over his shoulder to the guy who's officially shadowing "Renegade"?

And, in turn, wouldn't it make sense for anybody else, too, who makes deals with that devil who draws no distinction between public & private business (save to say that both are his own private business & none o' yours)?

So Bo Rama is both scrutinized & sympathized for saying that investors gotta make money, right on the heels of "expressing understanding" for main street. He is blog'd & flogged and excused & cleared for ordering an assassination before & after it is revealed that SHAZAM is really responsible for who drafts & prioritizes the Hit List. And the authors of those memos are nunyas.

It would seem to me that the nation-state and her interests are scratching each other's backs & scorching each other's ground; creating plausible deniability & mutual culpability; crafting a determined distrust & codependency. Mob rules.

And what is NATO but a nation-state? Is it not a State of nations? We see again and again that there is HUGE interest in manufacturing & deploying all of Alfred Nobel's wicked little children, and what is the North Atlantis Alliance if not for the sole purpose of making sure that members of the family get to see their children grow & flourish?

She blinded me with science
I'd like to close today with an e-news link outa HotLanta. This report from last week includes a lot o' to-&-fro splainin' from Monsanto regarding opaque fiscal practices, but even more opaque coverage of the investigations therefrom.

And what it doesn't mention - which is odd, seein' as how this oughta be huuuge shit in Georgia (even them Libs up at print'N t'fYT Media International manage to squeeze out an annual turd or two) - is even the slightest hint of a reminder that while Monsanto is cornering the market with patented capital, they are rendering our globe crosseyed & cropless.

But it's in their interest. It's only business. Now go eatch'r cornflakes. That's yer goddamn Sundy Paper.

* Unfortunately Rob has since deleted his blog, the url of which in turn was hijacked by something unrelated.