Sunday, 2 October 2011

Your President & His Supporters
are Some Scary Motherfuckers

If you can't see that, so are you.
Were I a supporter of the Death Mercantile Exchange Program carried out by the United States, her acting partners, subsidiaries, and silent supporters via the public-private partnership of drone and conventional warfare and special military operations in order to kill, by execution or assassination, persons planning or having carried out plans for acts of terrorism and/or fomenting sympathy for the same, then I should by extension be inclined to support an Anonymous effort to hack into the Drone System of Nevada servers to steer an operation, redirecting predator drones to kill President Bo Rama and his entire cabinet down to and including White House Press Secretary James "Jay" Carney, as well as his apologists and supporters elsewhere, from those stroking their joysticks in the American desert, outward to carpet the American taxpayer.

But that would be absolute batshit crazy cold-blooded murder, wouldn't it?

Idn't it?

If, by chance, just such an Anonymous boomerang did manage to vaporize the Commander in Chief and his cohorts, I would not only not shed a tear, but typically, conveniently, so long as nobody I know and love perished in the "misguided" attack, I would probably find it kind of satisfying, perhaps even thrilling. Would that make me an instigator as well?

Does it?