Wednesday 9 November 2011

This is too rich...

Hover for the full treatment (view the banner ad that descended when I loaded the source page the first time).

AriannaOnLine® even matched her lede-link headline color to that of her lead advertiser's.

Nice touch!

Or: not that it matters, but one could suppose that the 1% connection in the drop-down display was no-one's doing but the ad-folks for Chase; that Arianna's peeps hadn't the slightest: the color-combo likewise being an "unfortunate" co-inky-dink, and whoops! they yanked the headline in a Huffington-hurry and pushed the Rolling Stone link way down below the fold.

I mean, it's either that, or somebody knows their donkey-sheep better than they'll ever know themselves and are relishing rubbing their delusional devoted noses in what they are incapable of apprehending is the piss-soaked newspaper laid out for their never-ending potty training. Well...

I guess it could be both. At any rate, HuffPo kept chasin' the bucks: the advert remained long enough to frame a different color headline (probably red, I forget) about somebody or another from the big bad GOP. Hey. A girl's gotta eat!

One doesn't have to leave the source to see what The Daily Democrat with Jon "I'm just a comedian" Stewart is up to.
Disclosure: It was actually at this point in the vid that Stewart interrupted their cozy tête-à-tête and - using a huge figure that Bubba Jeff'd just quoted - made an absurd "number of Cain's sexual abuse accusers" knee-slapper. Now if that ain't rich...

Meanwhile, over't ExxonMaddow, the firm plasters an MSDLC-friendlier face to promote a different project than the Keystone pipeline expansion that the Hollywood libs are currently "holding the president's feet to the fire" about. This one still draws from the same Athabasca oil sands - again, coincidently enough. I'm glad I don't give a shit about this stuff anymore, otherwise my head'd explode trying to figure out who's playing what angle on this one. I suspect it's a muddying the waters, we win when we lose kind o' deal.

And why wouldn't it be? Ain'nobody stopped hedging yet.