Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fever Pitch

The Nature of The Net be-thanked, I embed this vid, via BLCKDGRD via one of his always worthwhile links (if you hurry, there's an amazing header photo).

The activist, Medea Benjamin, is the definition of righteous bravery. She puts to shame the likes of actor George Clooney, who with his support and fund raising for the incumbent American president is nothing more than an enabler of the tyranny he self-righteously claims to oppose:

I've mentioned the world's current lying-est leader's list before (re: transparency hypocrisy), but do you know what "signature strikes" are? (it's amazing how many really intelligent, political-by-default people have no idea).

I hope more than ever for the incumbent president's electoral defeat because the lesser of evils is anyone who isn't currently doing them.

After all, his challenger would seem to fit the profile of the kind of man whose rhetoric does not match the way he would govern, that he is just saying shit to get elected. Isn't that the logic liberal progressives use in supporting their DLC royals?