Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Fripp's Sixty-Six

As observed here. Also, a new recording came out a few weeks ago. The six pieces on The Wine of Silence are orchestral arrangements by Andrew Keeling from transcriptions by Bert Lams of soundscape performances by guitarist Robert Fripp, which were performed by the Metropole Orkest in 2003 and subsequently "re-imagined" by David Singleton, co-producer of Fripp's Soundscapes recordings thusfar.

Pie Jesu (R. Fripp) - from - The Wine of Silence

The last time I saw Fripp do an entire concert of soundscapes was in 1998 at Chicago's Park West, a recording of which just happens to be available here.

I won't exaggerate: It was an arm-hair-raising, belly-tickle-like breathtaking exposure. Nevertheless, I wouldn't've imagined that synth- & loop-based guitar compositions would translate to orchestra so well.

To highlight the album's release last month, The Wine of Silence was performed again by the Metropole Orkest on the 6th of May, which also occasioned a discussion with Lams, Keeling, and Singleton about the process of transcribing the work, which, along with excerpts, can be accessed here.