Friday, 29 June 2012

Where Taxes Begin, Representation Ends

If you don't already know who wins with the SCrOTUS decision on Bo Ramney's Healthcare Kitbag - other than self-satisfied Dems - then you probably bought the Donkey Production Line "constitutional catastrophe in the making" that was being spun the last couple of weeks. For while it was the Republiphants challenging the constitutionality of the mandate, as is usually the case, the Dems duly followed suit to see who could make the Apothecalypse sound more frighteningly far-reaching.

I can't motivate myself long enough to give it a creative go, so....

Michael J. Smith handles it well here, as does Troville here, who even beat me to the punch with the "Roberts draws the short straw" in the comments at the first link. Though, if you really give it some thought, why wouldn't the Chief Judiciacator wanna write the majority opinion?