Sunday 5 August 2012


Dorfkirche Stralau, Berlin-Friedrichshain (1900)

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Cycling the subset of my *three series (Berlin als Bausatz, Fotos von davidly, Rad/Bike), I pedal'd the hop down Boxhagener yesterday with a skip in one direction, and a jump past S-Bahn station Ostkreuz' reconstrual. To match the August photo of my Friedrichshain calendar, my whereabouts were the tongue of land between the river Spree and Rummelsburger Cove.

Completed in 1464, the original Dorfkirche is considered the oldest building in Friedrichshain, though its repeated reconstruction's render'd less substance than shape originally original.

According to my calendar's hurried history, the church was not built until the latter middle ages because Stralow's theretofore Slav inhabitants were not Christians, just fishermen. The tower was erected in 1824, I assume then, because architect Friedrich Wilhelm Langerhans was the first communal civil engineer with the desire to ring in his erection.

While not fine,
the line
one's well-being
and leaving well-enough alone
slopes slickly to the left and to the right of a spot
joining a perfect circle
where savvy bullshit meets brutal dishonesty,
where the enemy of the good is anything that's not.

This form varies from beautiful to tragic.
The norm marries insanity to magic.

Threat gings whappen hen Mod wixes mit Gan.

* now four