Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Dueling the Democalypse

I believe that the apocalyptic visions of religious texts are symptomatic as much as causal. That dreadful worldview is more instinctive and pervasive than this account would have one believe, fear mongers notwithstanding; it festers in a lot more than just people "at the margins". And what would an article that forewarns the "alarming mindset" of Mitt Romney be trying to sell us? I'll tell you what:
Bomney + Netanyeehah = Apocalypse!!

Anybody you ask can point to a reason to be afraid. Very afraid. And why not? This idea led me to coin the following:
'Eschatological paranoia is fueled by an awareness that others are enduring a personal apocalypse now and that none familiar with its cause should remain immune to its effects.'
In other words, there is a reason for our collective guilt, even if its manifestation seems more unreasonable than the wars we are fighting right the fuck now.