Monday, 3 September 2012

Conventional Wisdom

So I watched the whole thing. He's not senile, I don't think, or he wouldn't have to be. Just a man who, to me, comes off surprisingly dim, which seems to be the result of nervousness. It's the performance of an actor who forgot a lot of his script when the spotlight came on. The outcome of his attempt to recite simple-mindedness from memory made it even more simpleminded, bordering on indecipherable. But he had the fortune to deliver it to a self-righteously idiotic and overenthusiastic crowd.

And as comparatively intelligent as the Dem variant might appear on the surface when it rolls around, I'm sure it will have its share of stupid patriotic platitudes and in essence be just as wrong-headed, with plenty in attendance who'll respond with equally idiotic self-righteousness and requisite forced enthusiasm.

A better (meta)analysis here.