Thursday, 6 June 2013

Käfig voller Überaffen,
gleichgesinnt gegeneinander

It's just a narrative, we all have one, from birth to death, a beginning and an end. As much as is obsessed over the end - warded away, upon its arrival wished - it's the middle where it all happens.

The great middle.

Here, where the significant compromises are said to be made. Where plenty is compromised. When the most meaningful compromise has yet to pass and no one can say what it means, though plenty express certainty of its all or nothingness.

These plenty - plenty of whom will deny 'til that dying breath - contra-gate together in that great big middle.

It is in this regard that everything outside of this picture bears invisible witness to the picture being a picture. Some will never believe, and some will believe no matter what. These are not those who occupy the margins; these are those who reside in the middle.

What if it's true and you can never go back?

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: associated links* :
Käfig: on the title, sort of
Zwei von Einbahnstrasse: Storkower Str./Paul-Junius-Straße
Der Kaiser und die Volksbank: Storkower Str./Franz-Jacob-Straße
Coinciternal Occurrence: same as above
Bound the Rend further, farther Storkower
Bound the Rend II (hover): Eldenaer Brücke

* Yes, the "associated" nature of the maps is an ironic after thought; but had I warned you about where the links lead, it would have necessitated concurrently one of those meddling spoiler alerts, which I find annoying and aesthetically displeasing. My apologies to any offended browsers.