Thursday, 3 July 2014

Predating down the Road

Niederbarnimstraße/Boxhangener Chaussee, Berlin-Friedrichshain - 1912


The cinema on the northeast corner to the right is still there, is still here. Smallish and provincial now as it was then. The cigar shop on the northwest to the left is an American diner, literally, as in, on the sign, it's the brand, someplace I wouldn't avoid like the pest if it weren't there, if it weren't here.


Neither here nor there, the unmanned vehicles in the sky - as bright in these summerish months as in the, appearances apparently, less-blooming seasonal photograph of 102 years ago - are coming to a theater near, not that they weren't already being launched from tarmacs in Deutschland überalles & steered übers All. The signs, the signs were there. They are here.

Why would the Bundeswehr not buy into the remotely-peopled orbital obit program? Are we not international partners in trade? We don't take backward steps technologically, chronologically speaking. Working & shopping & fucking from home is the wave to be sure, not to be wiped away by wishes, weathering vaguely disapproving or angry on the avenue.

No more should one see analog's return in spite of it's not being wholly engorged by a more highly resolved depictionary. One can see another virtual replacement, a digital version of the digital age. This newer tech will surely set things right...

...underneath its predecessor. The past cannot stop being the present's predator.


Niederbarnimstraße/Boxhangener Straße, Berlin-Friedrichshain - July 2014