Saturday, 16 August 2014

All along the Warschauer

This new category is 96a, which is the designation for the fed highway of which Warschauer Straße is one section. I was riding home, saw this rolling by, hopped off, walked back, and decided it was worth saving.

By default, everything in this category will also be in the more inclusive BerlinalsBausatz...

...and as with this entry, in many cases Fotosvondavidly.

In that it runs right through its heart, many will be found in Friedrichshain-Vergleiche, as well, and although those are dedicated to comparisons with photographs in the annual editions of my Friedrichshain calendar, there are already six entries from that previously most-recently added category in this new one.

It is not out of the question that these will veer into Rad/Bike territory, a labeling that I at some point decided required only an image with- or subtextual reference to a bicycle. Quite strictly, however, whenever the 96a makes an appearance in my ongoing attempt to write a criminal novel, Der Parkbankpinkler, will be a section under which it will also turn up.

Warschauer-Str. 76, Berlin-Friedrichshain - 2014


It'd be nifty if there were a simple function by way of which one could view entries that appeared in any combination of chosen categories. I could create those myself, but that would be more tedious than the idea sounds self-indulgent.

But if you've made it this far, have a listen to Kate & my last radio show, which features brief sounds of the street in question. However, despite including elements heretofore deemed appropriate for it, I have inexplicably decided not to tag it with the designations Poesie/Kritik or Presse/Politik.

It's only an hour & 'll be over before you know it.