Sunday, 31 August 2014

RIP Fred Burkhart

Poet & performer, photographer & friend, a true artist and inspiration, Fred Burkhart has gone. This time for good. He gave me much, and his last words to me were graciously understanding and lovingly kind, when he responded to my email with:
"A beautiful letter. I will write more at another opportunity. Love is real, no matter the thousands of miles we are separated."

Sadly, he never got that other opportunity. Bless you, Fred, wherever you may be.  I know your essence remains with each of us who hold you thus blessed, but it's fully realized only as it could be known collectively just how much you'll be missed.

As you concluded so many times, on patterning the nerve speech:
The Eternal as the Origin of Words - the Logos
Somehow tragically lassoed and waylaid
and reduced to the flesh of obscure places

Lost in a world of name-calling and retribution
Reduced forever more to a Date With Noah Webster

Words forever lost on eulogizing one another.