Sunday, 21 September 2014


A collection for your Sundae Edition, but first, credit where it's due: BLCKDGRD inspires the portmantitle above, and several of the phrases that occur herein (or at least an "also too" or two).

I ain' gonna lie. I wouldn't be writing this if it weren't for triggers in me sub-thoughtfully deeming it more valuable than a simple purge of verbilirubin, or were it never or sometimes or always more or less the introspectatorily abeit yon- Blegsylvaniatic.

With that out of the way...

From the gaze dept:
Since I became aware that The Don't Be Evil Corporation had enabled the bloggerblogger to see popular "published posts" without the use of one of the various outside "who reads this shit" applications, I have taken occasional notice. I recall the excitement I felt when someone from Russia had read one of my entries. And then China. And then Indonesia. It didn't take me too long to realize, that not only did I not have readership in any of those countries, not only was there not a massive contingent of dissidents using Tor to anonymize their browzery so'st to read my cohab-dissension from the relative safety of their commune in Idaho, at least ten percent of the clicks that load one of these pages is prompted by robots.

No, not the robots that lead people to believe that using a router developed by the military is a surefire way to stay ahead of the international feds, but little bots that just be doin' shit... for any number of reasons not worth considering.

Them aside, I do have surmising number of readers, many of whom just happen on-by based on searches that lead to one of my titles, like, say, STORM BLASTS LAND, which was, yes, written in all caps to accentuate the satiric pun and is my most clicked entry. My second most read - and this one likely a more accurate assessment of reality - comes via a link that adorns the top of The Crow's Eye

This is where Jack Crow has no longer been active for far too long, but whose "worth your while" column nevertheless leads people even to my latest entries significantly often. Which goes to show, Jack, if you're reading, people e-check in on you regularly.

What prompted this gaze, aside from the real of the virtual in my sidebar, is that amongst the most clicked includes a few reviews I've written - like, actual reviews of things I attended, watched, listened to, and/or read - more specifically, the recency and how fast they trended toward the top.

I've oft imagined these & those, & myself to a certain extent, to be amidst the artistic of the outsider kind. Some less outside than others. Clearly. For example, my review of Jacob Bacharach's first novel, written only five months ago, has recently past last year's review of the final episode of Breaking Bad.

This is remarkable in that the latter has enough of the real title in tact to generate no shortage of searcher's curiosity and 'bot-ism from far away rogue rands. More remarkable to me, however - and, to be honest, prolly the real reason I'm writing this - is that my recollection of The Kate in Me and the Before the Dawn show I attended this month is such a bullet that it knocked that little teevee show out of the top ten and is likely to sit at number 1 before Jake gets anywhere near The Devil and [née] Bradley Manning.

Thankfully, the barely late but greatly great Fred Burkhart continues to generate interest and, I hope, generates inspiration for generations to come, not just at the foot of his earthy departure.

This is his photo of Eno.

I have two Fred originals & think he's the best "outsider photog" to have gone going (that is, to've been going) or to have graced this globus & those of us on it with a place, or inspired us to think of this place, whatever it is, as a home away from it.


From the Ghazi dept:
The meme that ostensibly stems from certain wingnutters' blaming the president for things so absurdly out of his control goes thus: "Thanks Obama."

It's true that there exist in the United States people & folks who find the current president's actions insufficiently wingnutty regardless of how wingnutty they are or aren't, and in spite of the fact that they might have found them sufficiently wingnutty if someone they thunk was more like themselves were in the offices doing the deciderery.

But here's the thing: There exist plenty of people & folks in the US who fancy themselves superior to the wingnutters, also, too, who would believe the current president's actions to be way too wingnutty if there were someone they thought less like themselves in the office doing the deciderery.

The "Thanks Obama" meme is more attributable to the Obamapogists than the imputed wingnutters for it serves to accept with a condescending chuckle anything he or his administration does, because whatever the "wingnuts at FOX" are all apoplectic about must be noise about nothing. But the distracting noise has accomplished just that. Maybe I'm giving the Obamapologists to much credit here, in that they'd distract themselves from their dissonance just fine without the wingnuts. But still.

So this Sundae link is a perfect excuse to go straight to the comments section, because that is seriously where it is at. A story that clearly illustrates the lie that military action will in any way curtail the killing of activists or the motivation thereof, and most of the takeaway is "Thanks Obama!" versus "Well, you blamed Bush!" versus "If it weren't for Bush we wouldn't be in this mess!"

You see, the "Thanks Obama" people & folks, and the ""Thanks Obama"" people & folks are exactly the same amount of right & wrong about themselves & each other.

This kind of thinking, womyns & myns, is what will continue to give the world the worst/best president ever every four-to-eight years. Not that it matters. But still. If we're judging that Iraq is a disaster because of the previous or any previous prez, then Libya is the same because of the current one.

But they are all a disaster because of all of the above and more. Moreover, there was, and probably is still, plenty of "there" there in re: BENGHAZI!!11, not because of, but in spite of FOX News apoplecti-sourcery.

One additional tidbit I cannot resist commenting on is from an insider artist whose made at least one movie I like. In his Huffpost about the ridiculousness of TV warfare, Barry Levinson compares not the joints chiefs or the Pentagram or any of the odd elements therein to the caricatures in Stanley Kubrick's most famous film; at least it's not that clear a comparison, as far as I can tell.

He rightly points to the overblown insanity in the media's enthusiastic reporting of every avowed huge-threat to the world's biggest war machine. But amid his admission that this self-perpetuating monster will never end, a transference takes place:

At some point the beheadings will lose their impact, as disgusting as that sounds, and will be replaced by something even more vile and disgusting.

You see, the new Dr. Strangelove is not the offspring of US assimilated Nazis that perfectly represents the Western psyche still today; the new Dr. Strangelove is not the Saudi enabling freaks of American bank- & bunksterism who continue to create the new enemies. No, the new Dr. Strangelove, if I read Levinson correctly, is ISIS.

The diff may be nominal only, but still.


Finally, from the 1% free of argh dept:

This month's calendar comparison, via hover-linking:

Rigaer/Liebig Straße, Berlin-Friedrichshain - 1905/2014

Change has come and changes come, but squatting will never go out of style.