Friday, 6 February 2015

Eurotic Literature

A Game of Choke the Chicken
by Paul Krugman
1st grade econymonist

Never shoulda done it, coming together like that.  It was dangerous then, it's dangerous now.  Always thought so.  It's gonna come undone.  Just look at it's coming undone.  But we hafta cling to it. Don't look now but the money shot is riiiiight... there... and it's gonna be...
You see, Germany is like the Iceman and Greece is Maverick.  So Iceman goes, "You better give it up!" and Mav is all, "Come at me bro," dick in hand.  Ice is like, "You're crazy!" but kind of turned on by the sheer size of Mav's Goose on display.  The Iceman begins to engage himself in furious friction to the point where there's just a hint of a droplet forming at his tip.

Unfortunately for the studio – that'd be the European Central Bank – neither one of their actors has quite enough blood coursing through his main vein to be taken too seriously, so they worry that moviegoers won't be turned on enough to keep returning to the cineplex.  But their job is to force the action, so...

Will Mav pull out?
Looming are the whips & chains!


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