Friday, 22 May 2015

Wreck Ignition

There is no intuition, colored as it is by information, memory, and cognition. An intuitive impulse is expressed frequently enough. That is, the experience of the expression is expressed to others and recounted & related to – or misunderstood.

When the idea of intuition is corrupted by conglomerate qualities of crap, intuition is quite dead, if it ever was. I'm not sure how a human could ever hope to possess such a thing, only believe that what now is felt and/or sensed is informed intuition, which is a contradiction. There might be something to it. But intuition? Memory burns it to bits.


A scientific theory is built upon facts. The theory is there for scientists to accept as a model going forward, or reject through contravening evidence. But the theory holds sway.

I have observed a reluctance on the part of scientists and fans of science to acknowledge the neither-proved-nor-disproved nature of scientific theory for the wiggle room it affords hordes of half-baked ideas not founded upon ground as solid as empiricism. But while they don't cede the ground of the unknown to misuse, they submit the known to abuse.