Friday, 11 September 2015

The 2nd Anniversary of Nye N´Levin's Mitzvah

The twin shocks of Nevermore 2000 to Inauguary '01 and then later that same Remember & its aftermath was not from a case of "This is what has become of us," but rather "This is what we are."

There is an extent to which a changing 0f the guard can recover this realization in denial, despite the constant reminder of who we are on every surface of our lives. But everyone knows the wakeup call is being taken by precisely the wrong people, that the guy holding the receiver, his hand over the mouthpiece, saying, "I'll get this" was already holding the receiver when they heard the phone ring and therefore must be the instigator of the call.

The most uncomfortable truth that in every one of us beats the heart of a murderer is quelled by allowing the murderer to manifest its potential. This is the path of the reactionary, and no thick sheen of liberalism can make the murderer anything but a convenient excuse. Indeed, it seems easer to kill and be done with it, or, as is the case with most, to be grateful to those who kill so that we don't have to, while pretending it's not done in our name. Living is just that easy up until the point where the liver of that life is extinguished, leaving behind the rest to realize their potential.