Sunday, 29 November 2015

Unma Sked (in plaster)

It appears Paris is proceeding pretty profitably. Germany's pledging not only combat reconnaissance jets but also 1,200 troops. As the headline in the Frankfurter Allgemine indicates, in spite of a pretense toward mandate marshaling, or ways around the same (knowing your way around basic law is what advances its functionality, after all), it's a foregone conclusion that the Einsatz gegen IS wird größte Bundeswehr-Mission.

Choices of grammatical tense aside, the discussion is held fast within borders conceptually geographical & geographically conceptual. Questions deemed worthy of being regarded as "uneasy" are of the most limited & local, of powers for police & institutions for integration. Opposition from The Left and fractions among The Greens pales against the preeminent attitude of waging solidarity.

Wherever real antiwar dissent is unveiled via the press, it's given not so much as equal time and space for an alternative opinion about what is to go down beyond these borders and the effect it's likely to have on all sides of them, but presented how it appears, being buried as it is: Political fringe. Even as such, it barely registers.

Then there's the confabulation's content — the domineering details that make readers feel they have informed opinions, when in actuality they have no right to form one, let alone the information necessary to do so. Talk of a French alliance with Assad only differs from the rest of the pseudo-analytical blather in that it gives groupies of the political class something to crow about as if they represent a different position. When it comes to ever shifting affiliations in war, take note that once discussions of a potential deal have made an appearance, the blood's been crusting on the dotted line and it doesn't matter who's fighting with or against whom.

Our civic duty is to move product. Lead, follow, or get out of the way is what they say in the military. Rendered rube, it might be facilitate, enable, or fuck off and die. I'm pretty sure that's how fraternity, liberty, and equality wave.

If the blue-white-red face-flagging were not enough a display of what proximal sympathy strews — with no less the land who'd be colonial casting for United We Stand in tricolor — then the burgeoning bottom line of the arms administration collective's clientele could concretely testify to faux flags on autopilot. Indeed, any survivor of an Atlantic Alliance bombing run might make a reverse claim: "Daesh did it." At this point the whole shebang is a ruse de guerre, especially in light of the sought symbolic ceremony of it all.

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