Sunday, 14 February 2016

Invited to two parties, decided to stay home.

is beneath a
monument of deceit.
The custodians wield impunity
so obviously, every base is more
drenched than covered. Doused and ablaze
glorified in their pants and pant-suits, it's
no wonder extras rest ready for the ripe who seek
from any source the slightest sliver of sincerity. Do
not asperse those of purity for picking no poison, even &
most especially when the liars are throwing their trump card.


Exhibit Antonin: the fat rude robe has fallen. 

The Washington Post can suggest whatever they want about the state of the court and the nation and whatnot, but, come on, "plunges into turmoil"?

Wouldn't SCALIA'S CORPSE CLOGS TOILET be of similar spirit, but a more apt analogy?

What do you reckon the odds are that the Red Elephants seem to be able to get more out of delaying his replacement appointment (it's what he would have wanted) than the Blue Donkeys can manage having just netted an ostensible justice-in-death as things currently stand?

If Democrats really believe that Republican-appointed justices are a threat to everything they hold dear, they'd bully them back. Instead the Donkeys bully their constituency with the Lampoonesque quadrennial "Subscribe to us or we'll make sure they shoot this puppy" pledge.

(elegiac excerpt)
He'd've sworn a crapper on the lawn In-
   augural Day,
And the Huff 'n' Po screamed,
   'GOD, HE'S DEAD!!'
And the chorus sung,
'Founding fathers lose their guns today.'

And he shall be Anton,
And he sure was a dick head,
Rest in peace, Justice Anton
Here I sing ill about the dead, woo...


Exhibit Bo Rama: Speakin' o' Arianne Online's Huff&Po:

I guess it's been a contentious debate topic of late, so file this one under "What the president would do to fix the 'already awesome-enough to build a legacy around, but not good enough to do what it's supposed to do' healthcare reform law if only those obstinate lawmakers would let him."

This might confuse you if you recall that the premise of the ACA was that it was tolerable enough to pass first, and improve upon later. Why, who could have predicted that it would turn out to be so contentious, yet still in need of serious improvement that's not gonna happen?


Exhibit Comprehensive lesserism:

It's nice to have a government that can lay loads of blame at Putin's feet for the US' inability to handle the mayhem they've stoked, and claim to be the party of diplomacy (because Republicans). Destroy a few countries, kill and displace millions upon millions, and make a deal that's easy to break with one country, and it's Peace Prizes all around, gang!

And what's the Bern's message? He's no friend to Kissinger because Cambodia.

Great. On the other hand, he's already promised to support Kissinger's darling if she's nominated. Boy, that'll push the party in the right direction. Why, his just being in the race keeps her honest!

So here's the thing with Bernie Sanders: as an independent, there are things he doesn't say that matter. Like, how Kissinger's modus operandi mirror those of the party whose nomination he alleges to seek. It's not just that Clinton weighs opinions from a broad range of sources. It's that the party she belongs to makes the same choices Sanders says are genocidal.

I have to admit it's difficult for me to understand how many more don't recognize the Primary as a little Lesser-Evil home-game version of the General — as a fractal of the bigger problem. That's my primary issue. So I won't be voting. It doesn't pay enough.

And that's enough Sunday Paper.