Sunday 16 October 2016

Truth of Propaganda

Good evening. I am Vlad the Impaler. I know I was telling this joke last time on this pages. Still, still, not to worry, I am not coming here for ramming spike of virility inside precious American pussy like on some popular people grooming show.

Happy is he with opportunity to make propaganda party for the American friends. For this I am choosing the new foto. Is from TIME magazine only few weeks ago. They were telling me to make like fetchy starlet from olden times. You like?

Speaking of studio property, is funny to Russian men in model trade business to see human resource can escape from shipping container at port in land of opportunity and rise all the way to get big job as wife of Yankee trailer park billionaire. The American Dream is alive and breathing! And let's be honest, kicking and screaming.

Ah, but I make joke! In real reality tele-vision, wife of first trailer park President can get America's Top Job. All she need is America's most disgusting pig to shatter glass ceiling all over the people in big bloody mess of election and she is shoo-in.

Here at Kremlin we take for serious propaganda. In this way I am proud of being in the US second most unpopular man against your very own runner up for leader of free world. Imagine little boy from Leningrad!

Okay, I was over moon already as TIME Man of Year 2007. By same token on other hand, disappointed photographer from magazine was not here for making me member of two time club. But being villain is something. And is only propaganda. Maybe best the world will ever know. As young man in KGB, forever was I jealous of your freedom of propaganda. Communist model was always the amateur!

Still today, in Russia we shoot bringer of bad news right on street in cold blood. In America such man only must sometimes suicide. Less and less is this necessary. Mostly, all the truth printing to fit is too much for reader to get into head. True, your next President has only bad news, but buried so deep is all of this leaks, and all Democrat must to say is "Putin wants Trump for President".

This is action packed American ironic times. The leaks are saying the Party of Clinton is wanting this Trump more than own GOP. Here is quote from Podest mailbox:
“We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to them seriously.”.
But honest between us, I can tell you it is only first at this moment I make valid truth of American version of story. But I only spread this news now by linking. Okay, so maybe Russian are hacking. Everyone is hacking. Is standard job of world leader — both free world and expensive world — to have sometimes ignorance of secret operation. Anyway, I have no time. I have bigger bears to wrestle. Big as US bombs.

Here I give you free foggy footnote version of history, you decide is truth or propaganda:

—In 1970s, it was for Afghanistan to beat back big bad Russian bear with help of Democrat and Republican coalition from US, only one day for ungrateful Mujahideen to become Yankee 9/11 anti-hero. Truth or propaganda?

—After World Trade Center event changed world to never forget, Democrat and Republican coalition return to take Taliban territory for freeing the school children from Islamic Hitler. Then Iraqi Hitler. Then all US Democrats say Republican Iraqi Hitler was lie. He was more like Franco.

Yankee Senator says good to get rid of Franco,  but makes apology anyway, becomes Secretary of War and kills Libya Mussolini. Ungrateful fascist Libyan join Iraqi acronym called ISIS or maybe ISIL. ISIS hates US freedom. Truth or propaganda?

—Next American President wants Syria rebels to make Assad ex-President against wish of Russian bear who ruins peace in Syria and democracy in America. Also she wants to fight the ISIS. Truth or Propaganda?

Either way, is US version. Does Putin want Trump for President? How can I want what is not to be?

This Donald is best rival for Mrs. Clinton. Of course they pied piper this Pied Piper. Is only smart business. All the media is saying guy is raping the women on every corner and making the people to riot in the streets. Some even say, "Hey, stop the race, Donald!"

Only problem is deplorable foxy news channel still has commercial for third debate. This commercial is funny like for sports contest. Of course, commercial is during sports contest. All business is like sports contest and the American is the one to do steroid. So the rapist must stay to make more money for everyone. Endplan Clinton.

If this guy is choice of Pied Piper from Party of Clinton, then Party of Clinton must know what it is doing. So what if proletariat looks little bit like mass of scary rage. Not to worry, American comrades. These deplorable redneck are easy for FBI to shadow. What is worst that could happen?