Sunday, 2 April 2017

Spinning without Cogs

I never dream my homework is due Monday. I only know it's due due due. If it's one obsessive set of ideas hammering my head hard to the pillow — like how a certain punctuation mark means one thing, then a meta thing, and then two other things altogether when placed within a pair of speech signifiers, in any sense inverted commas — one of the many faces trolls by because that's its default function whether it knows it or not. We got chemicals what wear down the cogs in nition, I think, and then he says, "I don't know what you mean. But it moves me."

When you have no personality, you are open to all possibilities, ever nearer objectivity. The responder says, "Still, the mind can't grasp infinity because it's a mortal meat."

He laughed at that because he thought an infinite number of monkeys would still be monkeys, mucking the works before they typed anything meaningful. »You don't understand infinity«, he said. »I don't know what you mean but it moves me«, came the responder, thinking secretly to itself, »I'm still not sure you really understand monkeys.«

They replaced the typebars with typewheels 'cause they were getting clogged in poo. »Who were they?« you ask? »People«, they said. »We're a strand of the monkeys what morphed into people, eventually fixing the parts of the thought experiment that were holding up the works of the Bard.«


Then comes another thought not to be unpacked by the woke: »The Western Empire's burden of criticism is a mist resulting in an assessment taken for Eastern apologia wherever weighted criticism of the East projects apologetics upon its chosen enemies.« The only thing missing is misnegation.

The stories are the same, the names only change, except for ye olde Patriot African art dealers in flesh, killing and incorporating the native with inverted commas. Still today Rats give Rubs room to move with the patriotic BS they espouse. Once maybe so's not to come off extreme, so goes the tale anyway, then, embracing it themselves, they dance in the aisle that separates their supposed separate ideologies. That's patriotism for ye.

Get a good idea as to their attitude, tendencies, & predilections when they say two things are exactly the same versus when they use carefully constructed qualifiers to soften supposedly scant similarities.

Bet. Do you think in this world there remains a laboratory, a system or a control, and the time wherein it would be possible to rule out pesky correlations and confirm causation and, if so, do you think the pushers or the pushed would ever accept the analysis? He said, "We got chemicals what wear down the cogs in nition." Dunno whatcha mean but it moves me.