Sunday, 31 March 2019

Waving Time

What do you call ye ole dine-&-dash, chew-&-screw, maneuvered in time to catch the waitstaff unawares while the hungover brunch crowd confuses its way into the joint?

As's been the case annually now for I'm not sure how consistently long, ye Yanks & Rebels 've just lost the hour gained for a fortnight on EU member states. For more than like clockwork, hereabout's had our hour short-sold for the emerging seasons' interest two weeks following yonder's 'aving been loaned out & pwnd.

But no more! Following some sort poll I wasn't a part of — which I guess's redundant in that my never having been called upon to play a part in any poll, it wouldn't be out of line, in my opinion, to extrapolate that polls are carried out without my participation.. .period. ..anyway (where was I) —, an amount out of the EU citizenry, apparently as well primarily from Germany (yielding yet greater irony to the EU's greatest "net contributor"), was axt whether-r-not they'd prefer scrapping the science altogether.

Short story short, at the behest of the Parliament, Commission Prez Juncker played all "Give 'em what they want, we're democratic, after all", deploying democracy to matters that don't matter, and therefore all member states have until April to decide whether winter or summer daze they enduringly be.

What this means is that those who wanna while in summer time are done with the annual 1revolution / 1counterrevolution routine with today's winding of the works. All others will fall one final fall back to receive the return of their ultimate hour on this 27th of October, two-thousand and nineteen.

What this means for ye ole on-again, off-again Breggsiteers is anyone's speculation.