Monday 6 May 2019

(w/o comma)

My absence is down but not likely limited to the following factors in no particular order of æffect:

The academic calendar here goes winter-summer. The latter semester of which being five weeks into its season would put on display for the observant that like the investment bond's stated value this system is called by its maturity. I refer sceptics to the week's overnight temperatures. This says something about my preoccupation and something else about my limited acceptance of scattered distraction as far as concerns the other thing that ends with a t & an i followed by an o & an n.

The premium range of topic if thishere thing ever knew such bares that it's known little of such a thing. Some dare call it politics. I remarked more recently upon a recent occurrence over't Popdogred (but not all that recent after all) that I didn't think I updated as much and ad nauseated about how my moaning more back then evinced the obverse upon me of the elephant-after-donkey effect in which ones who pin their tails on the former-latter begin to care massively more about that which they'd cared relatively little. Apparently anyway. In reality this time round there's been found an entirely new wrinkle to distract them from the lines on their faces. What's all so water under two-thousand ten is fire for two-thousand twenty for the æffected. Bonds. Government Bonds.

There's a draft of a title for my tale stuck in the craw of my queue. I can't get it out and've barely tried and when excruciatingly. The language doesn't help though I like the language and thank you for the inspiration to write.


First on features: A feature is intended to be appealing and if it's not appealing to the user then either the user is only ostensible or is not the intended user. Sometimes appealing takes on a new meaning as in "an aggravation" that serves some purpose that's appealing to someone else. And then sometimes the feature wasn't intended to be a flaw at all. The last one of those inferences predominates in the curricula.

As to the feature of 8 March: It was easy to be drawn to the DeepL translator as an alternative to the owner of this forum that goes here for an implied purpose unnamed. Most-over I had found appealing the feature that saved my suggested corrections at the link to the finished text whereas the implied translator linked to their original. The only perceivable bug to get around involved a select & correct of the terms or phrases in order from the first word of the text to the last. Doing otherwise returned each back to its previous form. The feature was flawless once I'd figured that out. Or so the Germans would have me believe.

A just-now click & click & gander revealed your fewer-killing less peeve among a pair of other Germanistic tried-&-truisms. A lay guess that tickles my fantasy assumes the unnamed translator service takes suggestions under advisement while the deep learner puts them on top of it long enough to scratch your itch only to return to being a weisenheimer  (from a Cologne corporation with limited liability). Another assumption of ignorance suggests that the link is provided for a limited time only only to go back to the way it was when the text was first entered. Maybe only because of browser bias. A cleared cache sans cookies tells taller tales.

A mature bond redeems only the value that was placed on its face at birth.