Saturday, 15 June 2019

F the Popo Sports Satyrdee
in 3 movements


Congrats, Kawhi Fck Popovich!
(0 offense meant t' BLCKDGRD)

All due respect to George Hill, whose game I like, Kawhi is basically Bird's biggest blemish. All the talk about how deep the draft is is perennial pre-emptive excuse making for not being able to evaluate talent. Every draft is deeper than the BS projected 2-to-3 and it shouldn't even take the likes of this year's champion Toronto, the dynasty they knocked off, or the afore-f'd San Anton to make this obvious. There isn't one draft that doesn't feature a player outside of the lottery who doesn't end up having teams breaking their bank for them. "This draft is empty beyond the first X picks." should be replaced with "We project the first X picks to be idiot proof, and, by the way, we're idiots."

The video at that link up there is worthy enough to embed below.

My unsolicited resolution recommendations for the incident related in the tweet below the fold:
a) Double tech, move on
b) Beers w/ Biden & Bo Rama and Ujiri & Redneck
c) T up Boogie, + 3 FTs for James Harden