Sunday, 7 July 2019


Numbers, numbers, so many numbers! Gone from Rio at 88, a nice round number to frame a career, which somehow doesn't seem like the right word, but profession was one I didn't want to use, though he's worthy, it seems too cheap a summary. So career it is, or course or calling or path or pilgrimage. That's the thesaurus for you. And there are so many numbers to choose from that I prefer to limit it to one. Here's something from when he was 72:

This earlier interpretation was released in '76, framed with a long intro before his vocals come in, a method of arrangement I am particularly susceptible to. Here's the alternate take from one of my favorite albums that forgoes the overdub of Getz' second sax solo, though I love both versions:

I could embed so much more, but you'd be better served spinning his vinyl, production of which began in the 50s with singles on 78. The numbers are magic, man!