Friday, 20 September 2019

"Deal with God."

I'd never thought about that as an imperative until just now. Probably because it (the original title) has an article in front of it and because I wasn't aware of the original title until it got placed in brackets (that's parentheses, Yankoffs) on subsequent re-issues. The whole story involves one of the rare instances in which K8 buckled to concerns of record company know-nothings when she changed it to "Running Up That Hill".

A corporate-funded algorithm hipped me to yet another cover version this morning, so I am embedding the original here. Ken Kesey once rejoined, "You can only get gold from gold, Bob."  That's my way of saying that there's only one version of the greatest pop song of all time. I have a deep association with this one — deeper still into the subject at that link — such that I involuntarily get tears in my eyes, jerked from the soul-center, no later than the second sung line every time, but am sure I'd heap that praise on it anyway. I do not believe in greatests and this is that proverbial exception. I wonder about Vicki sometimes and this one guarantees that, in a good way:

And, my god, the b-side to the single was this: